Dr. Mark Boykin, N.D.
Naturopathic Physician


Dr. Mark Boykin, N. D. is a licensed
Naturopathic Doctor in the State of Connecticut. Naturopathic Doctors are trained as primary care doctors or specialists. Dr. Mark Boykin works primarily as a specialist and specializes in Natural Pain Management and has a focus on physical medicine. Within the modality of physical medicine most methods of physical rehabilitation are employed. One method of this therapy is Hydro Massage. Hydro Massage is very benefitial and can assist or be an adjunct to most forms of physical therapy. Of special note is the relative success rate of treating lower back pain. Low back pain can be a symptom stemming from numerous disorders and Hydro Massge is a proven non surgical therapeutic option.
Dr. Boykin is also a well sought after lecturer conducting lectures on various topics of wellness. Some topics are nutrition and chronic disease, detoxification and weight loss, geriatric issues and pain management using natural remedies.
Hydro Massage can be done on a regular basis for wellness, prevention, Natural Pain Management  or relaxation. Or can be used after or before your workout or sporting event. Settings can very from therapeutic to deep tissue and can be focused on different muscles or body parts like hamstrings, quadracepts or lower back. Even feet! Come and enjoy the best foot massage ever!You can enjoy HydroMassage in just 10 minutes; so enjoy one
before or after work or during your lunch break...anytime!

Come in for your free demonstration and start enjoing the benefits of Hydro Massage and utilize state of the art
Natural Pain Management.
Dr. Boykin provides within strict naturopathic principals like: First do no harm, The healing power of nature, Treat the root cause, Doctor as teacher, The healing power of nature and Prevention.
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